Simulation and Control of Skeleton-driven Soft Body Characters

Panda Run Kung Fu


In this paper we present a physics-based framework for simulation and control of human-like skeleton-driven soft body characters. We couple the skeleton dynamics and the soft body dynamics to enable two-way interactions between the skeleton, the skin geometry, and the environment. We propose a novel pose-based plasticity model that extends the corotated linear elasticity model to achieve large skin deformation around joints. We further reconstruct controls from reference trajectories captured from human subjects by augmenting a sampling-based algorithm. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our framework by results not attainable with a simple combination of previous methods.



Libin Liu, KangKang Yin, Bin Wang, and Baining Guo. 2013. Simulation and Control of Skeleton-driven Soft Body Characters. ACM Trans. Graph. 32, 6 (SIGGRAPH Asia 2013), Article 215, 8 pages. [PDF 5.6MB]


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